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What exactly are the licences?

Operating Licenses – in case you want to offer facilities for gambling you are going to require an operating licence.

Private Licenses

You will find 2 kinds of individual licences: · Personal Management 파워볼– needed by all people that occupy a chosen management job.

  • Personal Functional Licence – needed by those people that are working inside a casino at staff amount e.g. a dealer, cashier, pit boss etc

What exactly are the costs?

You will find 2 kinds of fee payable for operating licences – a one off program fee as well as an annual rate payable within thirty days of your licence being issued: one. Application Fee for a brand new casino up to £40,000’Annual Fee for a brand new casino up to £102,000′

You will find 2 kinds of fee payable for individual licences: one. Private Management Licence £33

When can I apply for the licence of mine?

You need to try to submit the application of yours quickly, and also you can’t begin operating the gambling company of yours until you’ve received all the appropriate permissions.

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